Workshop: 50 & more Tips and Tricks about Magento CE/EE

Sylvain Rayé | Founder/Chief Ecommerce Officer Diglin GmbH

04.07.2016 | 14:00 - 15:00 o' clock |

As a merchant, you may forget that you have a powerful tool as Magento in the hand which can give you lots of opportunities to grow up your business and make it your work more efficient.
Thanks to this workshop, you will learn or refresh your mind with different tips and trick that Magento can bring you to improve your daily business:

– Create promotion code or catalog rules and define a strategy with that
– Be aware of the product types and what they can do
– Manage your catalog (create new products, update them effectively, import/export)
– Handle marketing campaign with customer data: workflow
– Understand reporting
– Multistores / Multi currencies / Multi language
– Enlarge your sales area by using Marketplaces
– Raise the customer satisfaction
– And even more…