Workshop: Transactional Emails: how to transform service messages into precious opportunities

Laura Gioia | Senior Digital Strategist ContactLab

04.07.2016 | 11:00 - 12:00 o' clock |

Whether purchase confirmation or abandoned carts, transactional emails already represent one of the most powerful means of engagement and cross-selling because they convey expected and relevant messages.

We will present methods and solutions to use at best this channel in order to drive customers to brands and strengthen the relationship with them. Through examples of best practices and cross-industry insights, we will show how to create relevant messages which can optimize and improve performance and conversions.

In the end, the speech will focus also on the creation of the content and the possible future developments of transactional emails: the combined use of data related to transactions with behavioral information (usually collected in third party DB) allows brands to take advantage of an higher level of customization and develop more targeted, dynamic and effective strategies of engagement.

Key points of the workshop:

– Transactional email: what’s the value and why is it necessary to implement best in class emails?
– How to better leverage this communication opportunity through real examples and best practice coming from different industries
– What’s next?: how to create personalized contents integrating purchase data with behavioral data.