(Deutsch) Workshop: App beats Web: 55% mehr Umsatz pro mobilen Kunde

Filipe da Silva Araujo | Partnermanager Shopgate GmbH

05.07.2016 | 10:30 - 11:00 o' clock |

What even for experts is not clear yet: Today half of the total Internet use including desktop will take place through mobile apps. These apps are not just another sales channel, but offer a strategically valuable position on the device, that the customer uses on an average 73 times a day: The Smartphone.

Everyone who has installed an app, will be more likely to look for products and go shopping. Customers who get Push Messages via the App, are in an average four times often in a shop. Here, the average turnover of app customers is between 55% and 139% higher than from customers who ordered via Desktop. The app is one of the strongest customer engagement tools of our time.

But how do I get my customer to install and use my Apps? Which possibilities offer Apps to increase the customer engagement and the mobile turnover? Which experiences did we made? Answers to these questions will be given by Filipe da Silva Araujo, Partner Manager at Shopgate.