Sylvain Rayé

Founder/Chief Ecommerce Officer Diglin GmbH

Sylvain Rayé is a Computer Engineer having more than 10 years experience in the Web Development and 6 years with Magento. He founded Diglin LLC in Zurich (Switzerland), a company providing development for eBusiness projects (Magento, Akeneo and OroCRM). He is a Magento Enthusiastic and participates actively to the community.


  • Meet Magento 2014
  • 12:00 — 12.05.2014

    Room A

    Developing extensions on a Magento platform following the best practises and having good performance is one thing but having a shop reacting quickly to a peak of visits is another. During this presentation Sylvain Rayé will introduce how to handle a big amount of visitors on Magento thanks to Varnish, an HTTP Accelerator.

  • Meet Magento 2016
  • 14:00 — 04.07.2016

    Workshop Room 1