Stephen See

Executive Director of TTD Communications Market Co. Ltd. & Founder of TTD Intellectual Products Tong Tin Dei Group Ltd

Stephen, who root is in ShanMei, is born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Electronic Engineering. In 1999, he went to Shenzhen to help his father to set up TTD Communications Market in Huaqiangbei and since then, he has been involving in the core management of the company. He is currently the Executive Director of TTD Communications Market Co. Ltd. and the Founder of  TTD Intellectual Products Incubation Base in Shenzhen.
Shouldering the second generation of family business successor mission, he is leading the enterprise future innovation and changes. Meanwhile, Stephen serves as an Executive Vice President of ShenZhen Electronic Commerce Chamber and has committed to promoting the transformation of traditional electronic products enterprises in Huaqiangbei from traditional to an E-commerce branding upgrade.