Dr. Nikolai Krambrock

Dr. Nikolai Krambrock is computer scientist and has more than 20 years of development experience. He started his career with “classical” software development in Java and C#. He and his company code4business develops with Magento for four years now. Main areas of work are module development (frontend, backend, interfaces to other systems), overall planning and support. You can contact him and his company at www.code4business.de.


  • Meet Magento 2014
  • 16:00 — 12.05.2014

    Room A

    Bad code is hard to read, hard to adjust and hard to hand over to other developers. This leads to high additional costs on changing the developer. Dr. Nikolai Krambrock and Andreas von Studnitz show how good code looks and how it is produced. The first part is about code quality in general. The second part is about code quality specific to Magento that helps developers to write better code in Magento.

  • 12:20 — 13.05.2014

    Room C

    Magento is a great platform to create innovative solutions. Many of the projects reach a dead end though: overrun schedules, many bugs, problems in changes and updates. If the Magento development company and the customer work closely together they can avoid this pitfalls and develop innovative and stable solutions – that also offer affordable costs in the long run.

  • Meet Magento 2016
  • 12:30 — 05.07.2016

    Room B

  • Meet Magento 2017
  • 14:05 — 22.05.2017

    Room B

  • Meet Magento 2018
  • 15:35 — 18.06.2018