Dennis Chen

Dennis Chen, the vice president of China Meet Magento Association, who has been working in the IT industry for 26 years, is an experienced expert in e-commerce incubation.

Graduated from Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China, he also obtained his Master’s Degree in the University of New South Wales. His career started with a position in the sales and production department in Samsung. Then he got a chance to work as general manager in a high-tech company which merged with Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. in 1998. He continually worked in Tsinghua Tongfang Co. as general manager, and after 7-years solid experience, has became the founder and CEO of Pangoo Group Co.,Ltd. and Hong Kong Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. since 2005. Pangoo Group Co.,Ltd. is aiming at e-commerce incubation and have established 10 e-commerce incubation parks in China, the number is predicted to reach 50-100 in the near future. Besides being the leader of a reputable enterprise, Dennis is the president of Shenzhen E-commerce Association as well as being part in several science projects for Tsinghua University.

Dennis’s incubation experience is unique in the Meet Magento world. In addition, he can bring knowledge of the Chinese market, management and marketing as well as information technology to us.