Christoph Lauber

CEO eCentral

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  • Meet Magento 2015
  • 14:30 — 11.05.2015

    Room C

    Frequently, Shops catering for b2b and b2c needs are faced with the challenge of different suppliers to stock the shop's portfolio. A broad range of tasks needs to be fulfilled for this: coordination and priorization of same EAN articles from different suppliers, enriching and proofreading of promotional texts while maintaing legal aspects, and last but not least, the release and publication workflow that needs to be coordinated. This includes both records and files as image data and accompanying documents. To solve this challenge and to supply a semi-automated solution, eCentral developed the platform "eCentral Gateway".

  • Meet Magento 2016
  • 14:30 — 04.07.2016

    Room B

    Open space

    Panel OmniChannel