Yevhen Sentiabov, Magento 2 Architect - Magento, an Adobe Company

Magento 2 Architect. Engaged in WEB-development last 7 years, have been developing SAAS solutions, working on billing products for the VoIP market. I’m working in Magento last 4 years, during this time mostly focused on payment integrations, fraud management, sales, and checkout functionality. 


Now, as a part of Magento architect’s team, I’m working on Service Isolation project. I spend free time studying new technologies.


Service Isolated Architecture in Magento


During this topic we will discuss what does Service Isolation mean, what issues we are facing with current Magento architecture and how Service Isolation project might help to resolve these issues. I will show which approaches we’ve considered to split our architecture and which we have chosen as an implementation. I will present the project’s goals, steps and the benefits of this project.