Ute Muendlein, Freelance Sales Coach - 10 o'clock communications

Ute Muendlein is enthusiastic about topics such as sales, CRM, marketing and likes to question things like "Why are we doing this? What's the point?" She loves to bring people together and organizes events like the Developer Camp or the Wuerzburg Web Week.


As a non-software developer she can tell about her experiences with agile methods and New Work.


We Are Agile - About Sense and Nonsense of Agile Methods


What does it mean to be agile anyway? Do you really need frameworks and tools to be agile? Or is it not about something else?


In many companies, frameworks such as Scrum or Kanban are introduced to make people agile. But what does agile really mean, how do "high performance" teams differ from others, and is it essential to use every trend tool to deliver real value to the customer?


Ute talks about her time in marketing and how agile is used there. Together with Martin Ruprecht (Agile Coach) she explains the advantages of agile working and shows what is necessary to enable real agility in complex environments and, most importantly, what pitfalls should be avoided.