Sandra Prautzsch, Product Owner - navabi

Sandra Prautzsch is User Experience Specialist and Product Owner at navabi, a leading provider of plus-sized ladies fashion.


Since 2014, she has been co-responsible for the shop and has, among other things, played a leading role in the selection of a new shop system and a suitable development partner.





Challenges and Experiences in a B2C Project with Magento 2 Commerce


In mid-2018, integer_net, Magento agency in Aachen, Germany, received the order to redesign the online shop of navabi, one of the leading providers of plus-sized women's fashion in Germany, with Magento 2 Commerce. Due to the small company size of only 10 employees at the start of the project, the technical complexity and the tight schedule, there were various challenges and barriers on an organizational, communicative and technical level that had to be overcome. Also on the side of navabi, there were 2 different barriers to be overcome when changing from a self-developed, grown shop system to Magento.


Sandra Prautzsch, Product Owner and main contact person for all shop-related issues at navabi, and Andreas von Studnitz, who was intensively involved in the project as senior developer and vice project manager, report first-hand on the period from initial contact to the going live of