Paul Siedler, Senior Magento Developer - Netresearch

Paul Siedler has already been with Netresearch since 2012 in the Magento team, which specializes in high-quality Magento development. Paul studied computer science at the HTWK Leipzig and already started working for Netresearch as a student trainee parallel to his studies. In the meantime he is a certified Magento developer and one of our Magento Senior Developers.


Paul is the technical lead for our key account customers in the areas of payment, shipping & logistics. His focus is on the module conception, development and support for Magento 1 and 2 extensions, training, support of the continuous integration routes for our Magento modules as well as test automation.


Magento 2: Automated Testing with Docker as the Environmental Base - Experiences


Best practice experiences and ongoing reasearch with automated testing environments with Docker as the environmental base and Magento 2. Our presentation would cover roughly those topics: – Setting up a GitlabCI pipeline for Extensions (in theory usable for store projects too) – Using this pipeline for different scenarios to run Tests on it (Integration, Legacy, MFTF) for releases or develop branches – Maybe a briefly look into how we built our Magento within docker – Introduction of AutoDevOps and how you could use it to show intermediate stores per merge request (also within Gitlab).