Oleksandr Lyzun, Magento Technical Team Lead - comwrap GmbH

Oleksandr Lyzun is the Magento Technical Team Leader at comwrap and joined the company in 2015. In the last 10 years of working with Magento he developed, led and put live numerous Magento projects. In addition to that, he successfully completed the Magento Developer-, Magento 1- and 2 Solution Specialist –°ertifications.


In June 2018 he became a part of the Magento Community Maintainers Team and the Magento DevDocs Maintainers Team. Last year he intensively worked directly together with Magento on Community projects like the BULK API-, PWA- and GraphQl-Project.


His passion is to work on complex Magento projects, to provide tailored solutions to the digital challenges of e-commerce customers.



Asynchronus Import - Road to Service Oriented Magento


During the course of 2018 we developed Magento Asynchronous and Bulk API for Magento 2.3. This, however, was only the first step of our ideas to improve the Magento Import workflow. Next, we want to introduce a new part of this project named Asynchronous import. Asynchronous import ‚Äď designed as a module for Magento, will replace the default Magento Import/Export module and will move architecture of Magento modules implementation to a next level. 


The main idea behind this, is that the module may be installed as part of the Magento core as usual module by using composer.json, but also can be used as Magento isolated service by being installed on another environment and communicate with Magento monolith via API endpoints. During my presentation I want to outline our roadmap, how this idea came to life based on our experience and how meetings with Magento Architecture team were organised during the conception process. In addition I want to point out which difficulties we encountered and which impediments we had to overcome in order to start and implement this project.


Furthermore I will provide performance testing figures how the Asynchronous approach has improved performance stats of Magento Import. Concluding I will give a short overview of our roadmap and which great features we can expect next.