Meriam Zaidouni, Project Manager - Design Bestseller

Born and raised in Eschweiler, Meriam was drawn to Cologne for her studies. After completing her Master's degree in Aachen, she started her professional life as assistant to the management. She was responsible for product management, e-commerce and online marketing. After a stopover in the international trade fair and event industry, however, she returned to Aachen, where she contributed to the success of Design Bestseller.


A fighter with a love for unique design

In my free time I like to stand in and in front of the boxing ring. In general, sport is very important to me. I can't say no to a good football match. In everyday life I try to see something special. I am a very enterprising person. I like to travel and I am a cosmopolitan, sociable person. At Mathes Design I can put my passion for home design to good use to help people to furnish themselves individually. To be technically up to date is a matter of course for me.


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