Mark Borzecki, Solution Architect - Divante

Solution Architect in Divante eCommerce Software House. Ever since 2011, he’s actively developing his competences in various IT frameworks and platforms. Expert in PHP, MySQL, and Magento Commerce. Specializes in eCommerce B2C and B2B solutions, especially for fashion and IT sectors. Worked with industry leaders including TIM, Continental, and Senetic.


How is it Possible to Grow from On Site to Worldwide E-commerce (Senetic Case Study)


I would like to talk about Senetic project history. The client started his experience with the dedicated platform and after some time he realised that opening new markets it is not effective therefore he came to Divante to build a store that allows you to quickly and effectively develop new markets. The eCommerce is based on Magento 2 Commerce and has integration with PIM (Akeneo) and ERP (AX).


At the beginning, we developed one site eCommerce (for US) which will be able to come to new markets. After 4 and half month we released first of new eCommerce, after MVP we released the next 4 and we are able to release 3 new shops per month. At the end of the story, Senetic would like to have about 150 eCommerce all over the world, and we believe that this will be possible based on Magento 2 Commerce.


During the presentation we would like to share knowledge about:

  • What were the basic assumptions of the project.
  • Which functionality was the most important to build a common platform allowing to grow from one to dozens of stores about the global range (Magento 2 Commerce, Kubernetes, Fastly, Elastic search, Split database).
  • What performing test we did to verify possible restrictions.
  • What obstacles we encountered and how we dealt with them.
  • What are the most effective ways to grow to new markets with new currencies, payment methods, product catalogues, languages and taxes in the shortest time (effective strategy of entering new markets).