Johannes Altmann, CEO - Shoplupe GmbH

Johannes Altmann is the founder and CEO of Shoplupe GmbH and has been dealing with the attractiveness of online shops for almost 20 years. With his team of usability experts, UX designers and psychologists, he uses meaningful usability methods and qualitative market research to put them in the right order in the process of design thinking. In this way he is able to quickly and efficiently change perspectives and initiate optimizations as well as new ideas in e-commerce projects.


The MVP from Hell! Where Does the Good MVP Actually Start and Where Does it End?


Every day we have access to new information and knowledge. Whether analytics, trade fairs and congresses, trade journals or simply through discussion with other digital entrepreneurs. It quickly becomes clear that the amount of available information is rising, making decisions increasingly difficult.

VUCA is the acronym for the currently prevailing situation of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity and shows the challenge of our modern world. Agile working on MVPs was the original answer to being flexible for as long as possible.


MVPs today, just as in the past, create entire specifications: Vague assumptions and instincts. Best practices, paradigms, beliefs and experience, however, lose dramatically in value and cost time. With MVP, it still takes too long to gain real customer insights. The innovative power, creativity, flexibility and speed of an organization are thus slowed down.


Own theses must be created from general information in a more targeted manner and validated efficiently. Gaining new insights and detecting signals from the market are in the absolute focus and ahead of the MVP. The customer must therefore become a much stronger component of product and project development. Customer insights must be incorporated in advance of the MVP in order to maintain the necessary speed. The MVP starts with the customer and does not stop at A/B testing with the customer.