Jens Neumann has always put a lot of passion and creativity into the development of new marketing opportunities. In 1993 the then DJ Jens Neumann founded Mr. President. With over 60 gold and platinum awards, the group became one of the most successful German pop bands. As a long-time producer and manager, Jens Neumann was also jointly responsible for their video productions. With his video production company Jens Neumann Entertainment, which he founded in 1990, he dedicated himself to product and corporate films. Jens Neumann also passes on his expertise on the topic of "Video in Corporate Communications" as a speaker and lecturer at the Leipzig School of Media and at the RheinRuhr University in Bochum. In addition, as an "Apple Distinguished Video Professional" he is a freelance consultant for Apple Germany and has informed both trade visitors and companies at Apple events about topics relating to video production. As founder, he created ClipVilla in 2012. ClipVilla is the intelligent IT solution for automated video content and production.

Jens Neumann is a lateral thinker, freethinker and creative. But lateral thinking does not mean reinventing the wheel. But perhaps to come across something that on the surface does not exist, but is in fact there. Storytelling is at the heart of his work. It helps companies learn how to tell their story.

With over 20 years of expertise in video marketing, he helps companies digitize their content and advises them on how to create content that helps to increase awareness and conversion in the customer journey. He gives video marketing tips and supports companies in entering the digital video world.

Lecturer at the University of Leipzig/School of Media/Video in Social Media
Lecturer at the University of Bochum/Sales & Marketing
Lecturer at the dda/Deutsche Dialog Akademie/Digital Video Marketing
Trainer at the ARD & ZDF Media Academy


Coco Jamboo: The Secrets of a World Hit and Why You Have to Break New Ground to Succeed.


A colourful talk, which is above all characterised by the mantra that you have to tread new paths to be successful. And that in our professional life we always come across a mountain that seems to be impossible to climb. With many anecdotes from the time of DJ Bobo to the Backstreet Boys in the 90s.