Jaromir Fojcik, CEO - creativestyle GmbH

Jaromir Fojcik is the founder and managing director of creativestyle GmbH, an agency for responsive e-commerce solutions, as well as a board member of +Pluswerk AG, a full-service agency for digital communication. He specializes in UX in eCommerce - especially in the optimization of order processes in online shops.

10 Ways to Drive Your Magento Project to the Wall


We are a strong supporter of open source software, especially in the enterprise segment. We implement a large part of our customers' requirements as open source, as we are firmly convinced that this can increase the speed of innovation in the company.


"Out of great power comes great responsibility," was Spiderman's wisdom. This is also the case with Open Source. Although this technology offers many possibilities, it also provides all the more opportunities to make the planned project fail. Essential for the success of a project is the right management and planning. Even if something does not go as planned, you can still be in control on these two pillars.


On the basis of different customer projects I would like to show you 10 ways how to run your Magento project into the wall - or how to prevent it by a proper project management. We will look at both positive and negative examples for the individual points. Here are some of the topics I'll cover:


  • Schedules
  • Budget planning
  • Pitfalls with relaunches
  • Expectation management
  • Pitfalls in agile working methods
  • Traps in Magento 2
  • Project Management
  • Understanding of MVP
  • Pitfalls in the use of extensions