Florian Sydekum, Software Architect - TechDivision GmbH

I studied computer science at the TU in Munich and have been working at TechDivision in development since 2011. I already have been involved in a lot of Magento Enterprise projects. One of our customers managed to get all his merchants on board the eCommerce ship with the help of the Magento Order Management System.


I would like to introduce this exciting task and challenge and show you the Magento Order Management in its many facets.


Magento’s Order Management System as an Omnichannel Solution


Large well-known brands often have many different sales channels and sellers. The first step towards eCommerce is therefore very complex and involves many hurdles. Inventory management, order workflow management, post sales and the integration of numerous systems such as payment services, shipping providers, department stores and ERP systems are the well-known challenges when it comes to offering the customer an omnichannel platform. Nevertheless, in the end, a scalable system that increases turnover and integrates all merchants should be launched. The presentation shows how we have built a marketplace for the shoe brand Gabor and all its many retailers with the help of Magento Order Management. Challenges, possibilities and solutions of order management in the Omnichannel will be discussed.