Daniel Poetzinger, CTO - AOE GmbH

Daniel Poetzinger has many years of experience in the development and architecture of Enterprise Web Applications. He has worked with many great self-organized agile teams and knows how collaboration and mutual inspiration - together with the right technologies and patterns - can make software projects successful and solving challenges a pleasure. He is also an active member of various open source communities and has extensive experience in developing and designing performance-critical applications in an enterprise environment. Daniel also has extensive knowledge of how to introduce DevOps and continuous delivery practices into IT organizations. At AOE, Daniel makes his extensive consulting know-how available and has meanwhile accompanied more than 100 Enterprise projects for renowned customers such as Deutsche Telekom, congstar, Rovio, Cisco WebEx, QVC and VMware. In addition, he continues to oversee the development of AOE products such as Searchperience, a sophisticated Enterprise Search and Recommendation Engine, and Flamingo, a scalable Frontend Framework for Headless Microservice Architectures and modern Commerce Applications.


Flamingo - Inspiring Commerce Frontend Made in Go


Flamingo is a blazing fast open source framework made in Go, build to create inspiring commerce frontends based. It can be build on top of Magento and other e-commerce services. Flamingo consists of two parts: Flamingo Core and Flamingo Commerce. Flamingo Core is is used to build blazing fast and modern, maintainable web-applications – especially useful for building flexible and scalable web based portals in a microservice oriented architecture. Flamingo Commerce provides powerful e-commerce features, that you can use to build flexible and modern e-commerce applications.


In this talk you will learn about:


  • Motivations and basic principles for Flamingo
  • Ports and Adapters architecture and the use in Flamingo Commerce
  • The Flamingo Developer Experience: Connect to Services, distributed Tracing, Frontend development