Claudia Teubner, Freelance - FireGento e.V.

Claudia Teubner from Leipzig has been a Magento freelancer since 2009 and has lost her heart to the community. She is a member of the Firegento e.V. board of directors, organizes hackathons for the association and is part of the MageUnconference Team. She prefers to work in the backend rather than the frontend, but tries to make all customer requests possible if necessary.


Besides her Magento life, she is a mom, nerd, obsessive reader and avid art historian.


How Diverse is Diversity?


Why is diversity so important to us? From a psychological point of view, people actually try to avoid complexity. It is easier to move in familiar and simple patterns. So can you really judge people for what they do when they react to change with fear or prejudice? When people intermingle, it takes more than just being asked to be nice to each other now. This process needs guidance and patience. A "come to us" is a good start, but it is just a beginning.


How well has the Magento world done that? The second part of the talk is therefore about the experiences women have had in the Magento world. A survey brought amazing results. Both female developers and non-developers reported about their experiences in teams where women are still often in the minority.


Who is boss, who is colleague, who is woman or man: it's worth listening to what experiences have been made and to think for yourself what you would have answered to these questions we asked.