Christian Münch, Entwicklungsleiter - netz98 GmbH

Christian Münch loves and lives Magento. As head of development and partner at netz98 - one of the leading e-commerce and Magento agencies - he implements digitalisation projects and strategies based on Magento Commerce.


Christian has programmed the worldwide known and popular Magento tool "Magerun". In addition he manages the Magento developer blog "". He is also one of the Magento Top 50 Contributors.




From the Database to the Web API - Processing Data in Magento 2


Using an example module I show how to transfer data to Magento 2 via a Web API. The idea of the talk is to show an overview of the complete processing of data from inside to outside across all layers.


  • How is data persisted? 
  • How is this related to the service layer? 
  • How can data integration take place? 
  • Where is business logic? 
  • What are the pitfalls?