Brent Peterson, Magento Evangelist - Wagento Commerce LLC

Brent is the Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach at Wagento, and a Certified Magento Specialist and a Magento Master. Brent has been involved in the Magento community and Magento forums since early 2009.


He loves to run, bike, and ski, in that order. He is often found at Magento events organizing running meetups with his wife, Susan.


Headless Magento - The Omnichannel Journey


The traditional approach for Magento has always been using the built in interface but the future of Magento is headless and this includes all aspects of Magento. The Omnichannel journey only re-enforces why Magento needs to be run headless and how this approach will give more flexibility to the merchant and increase the use of how you can implement your Magento instance. By taking this approach you can combine Magento Order Management and Magento Commerce along with many other Magento partners.