Anna Sawicka, CEO and Co-Founder - Kiwee


Business executive and co-founder of Kiwee, an e-commerce agency, entrepreneur, Magento developer since 2009, #GirlWhoCodes, animal-minded NGO mover. I graduated from Wrocław University of Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication faculty. I’m fascinated by robotics, new technologies and evolutionary ecology.


How Evolution Can Help Your Magento Store to be Future-Proof?


E-commerce industry constantly changes and we all are trying to keep up with the pace. The code stack of your Magento store might naturally get older over time, software development requires constant investment, customers’ behavior demands new creative approaches in running the business. So how do you always stay ahead of the game in such circumstances? In my talk I’ll share with you the top tips from my experience as a CEO of a software development company on how to balance technology and customer demands to ensure the uncertain future is more certain for you.