Alexander Nickel, Senior Frontend Developer — Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG

Alexander Nickel is Senior Frontend Developer at Flagbit GmbH & Co. KG. Born in Heidelberg, grown up in Kiel and now based in Karlsruhe, he is not afraid of any frontend challenge. With 20 years he had the idea to program an "online shop", because it can't be that difficult. Since then, he has been learning how to do it every day and brings his many years of experience as a frontend enthusiast to bear in a wide variety of areas. He has been a great fan of Angular since the first version was released.


Progressive Web Apps - Stay Flexible with a Platform Independent Storefront


Since last year PWAs are definitely on everyone's lips. Companies such as Twitter have managed to increase their user engagement by more than 65% just by using a PWA. The advantage of well-tried but partly also outdated e-commerce systems and interfaces, ensures that e-commerce adapts new technologies more slowly than companies whose only product is a web application itself. But e-commerce must also continue to develop. Users are getting used to new technologies and their advantages faster than ever before. Once technologies such as offline support have been established, a shop without this function is perceived by users as significantly less valuable. Meanwhile there are some PWA Storefront solutions on the market which differ significantly in scope and possibilities, but where we at Flagbit still miss some important features. This includes projects that are scalable even within large development teams, a professional e-commerce tracking to measure the performance of our storefront and the possibility for customers to change parts of their e-commerce solution without having to rewrite the complete frontend. Alexander Nickel shows in his presentation the advantages of PWAs and how Flagbit has developed a PWA solution that offers Magento an independent frontend based on Angular Storefront.