Alex Lunkov, Project Manager - Atwix

Project Manager at Atwix and Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist. Been with Magento for about 3 years already. Worked shoulder to shoulder with Magento merchants and distributed teams on delivering Magento 2 projects from the ground up. 


Passionate about building communities — organizer of Magento Meetups. Believe in experience-driven products.








Magento Contributions. 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Them in 2019


I will cover these 5 reasons:


  • Learn cutting edge technologies. What technologies are our there for you in Magento projects and how you can learn them by contribution to Magento projects.
  • Learn Magento 2. Will describe what each role (PM, Dev, QA) can learn about Magento from contributions.
  • Learn to collaborate. How every team at Atwix had a chance to work with other teams and how it influenced our culture and a way we know each other, work together and share knowledge.
  • Learn Magento Community Engineering team. How we became friends with amazing folks from EngCom team and how you can do the same and learn from them.
  • Learn this amazing community. What new horizons contributions open when it comes to knowing people in Magento community. How we use this relationships and how you can build yours.