How to Block 100.000 Hack Attempts in 12 Days and Other Lessons Learned from MageReport

Rick van de Loo | Tech Lead Hypernode Hypernode by byte

gb 04.06.2019 | 15:00 - 15:40 Uhr | Meet Magento 2020 » Weißer Saal

Over the last four years of MageReport development different kind of security hacks and issues have developed. For instance last year the whole Magento community was startled when it came to light that about 20 commonly used modules contained a vulnerability. During that time hosting provider Hypernode blocked nearly 100.000 hack attempts in just 12 days. MageReport’s lead developer Rick will share his insights, show you what you can do to notice security issues earlier and give you tips and tricks to keep your Magento shop safe.