Meet Magento Award 2016 – Who’s got the best Online Shop?

10th edition of Meet Magento Germany came along with lots of new impressions. Besides the date in July and the new event venue, one of the main changes has been the Meet Magento Award that got celebrated for the first time this year.

Tenth edition of Meet Magento Germany: Our Review

Meet Magento DE took place for the 10th time on July 04 & 05. The leading event for Magento and e-commerce hosted about 600 attendees, 50 speakers and 35 sponsors and was a success all along the line.

Window of Europe – The Way to China: Markets? Challenges? Investments?

10 years ago all of us knew China as the factory of the world. Many companies from Europe and US saw in China a huge market and endless opportunities. Then after some crisis and many so-called disruptions China became in our minds what it always was: big dispersed market with a many players inside regardless Read more ›

Meet Magento Hashtag Interview: Speaker Jaromir Fojcik

Jaromir Fojcik is a board member of the + Pluswerk AG, CEO of Web agency creativestyle and Inventor of Responsive Checkout principle. In his presentation he will talk about this central theme and also will identify ways to optimize the ordering process and to minimize the drop-out rate. Why did you apply as Speaker? E-commerce Read more ›

Disruptive Innovation in e-commerce

Since 2016, Sofoklis Kyriazakos is the Innovation Officer of the Meet Magento Association. As he said himself this is a big honor and challenge for him. From this position, he aims to identify innovation opportunities that derive from the MMA processes and facilitate the development of successful initiatives for the organizations and individuals of the Read more ›

Marketing trends in e-commerce

In Germany the term Marketing was a result of the transformation from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market without growth potential after the Second World War. At all times Marketing has been characterized by continous changes and new methods. That means companies need to adapt their strategy over and over again. Especially in e-commerce Read more ›

OmniChannel: Convincing on all channels

Everybody knows that Digitalization generally means a lot of challenges for merchants. But we often don’t know what that means in particular: What are the requirements of my customers? How can I guarantee a gapless OmniChannel shopping experience? Which costs are incurred? In the panel “OmniChannel” at Meet Magento Germany three experts and moderator Henryk Fiedler Read more ›

Magento and e-commerce in B2B, ERP and PIM environment

The integration of ERP systems and e-commerce is as old as e-commerce. B2B, ERP, PIM or supply chain management and their integration are since years essential part of Magento installation. 6 years ago many ERP vendors didn’t look to Magento. But today “Magento SAP integration” is one of the most asked questions. Reason enough to Read more ›

Why and how your e-commerce business should cross borders?

Should I provide my online shop only in the own country or should I better sell into the big wide world? Many online merchants must keep on asking wether they should internationalize and roll out a cross border online shop or rather not. On our blog Anna Sawicka from the agency Kiwee gives a short Read more ›

Snapchat: The new must-have in Marketing?

Since a few months the app Snapchat is on everyone’s lips. Whether in private or in daily working life, on different conferences or on social media, the white ghost on yellow background is everywhere. Reason enough to have a closer look to Snapchat on Meet Magento Germany.