Jisse Reitsma, Extension Developer and Trainer - Yireo


Jisse Reitsma is the owner, developer and trainer of Yireo, providing numerous Magento extensions to the community, but also training frontend developers and backend developers throughout Europe. He was awarded a Magento Mastership for organizing usergroup meetings, hackathons and developer conferences like MageTestFest and Reacticon. Also he is part of ExtDN, the Magento extension developer network.


How Magento Extensions Will Fit into PWA


PWA providers like Vue StoreFront and DEITY are gaining ground quickly, while PWA Studio is becoming stable quickly as well. This raises the question how Magento extension fit into these PWA solutions. This developer talk covers things like GraphQL APIs with a hint towards UPWARDS specifications, sample code in React and Vue and a general technical vision on how PWA pushes the Magento ecosystem into a microservices-based future.