Benjamin Heuer, Senior Magento Developer - Netresearch

Benjamin studierte angewandte Informatik an der HTWK Leipzig. Erste Berührungen & Erfahrungen mit Magento sammele er ab 2010 und war als Webdeveloper in Agenturen unterwegs. Seit 2016 ist Benjamin fester Bestandteil bei Netresearch und als Senior Developer im Progressive Team des Unternehmens unser Experte rund um Schnittstellenanbindungen, Magento, PIMs und Continuous Integration.


Magento 2: Automated Testing with Docker as the Environmental Base - Experiences


Best practice experiences and ongoing reasearch with automated testing environments with Docker as the environmental base and Magento 2. Our presentation would cover roughly those topics: – Setting up a GitlabCI pipeline for Extensions (in theory usable for store projects too) – Using this pipeline for different scenarios to run Tests on it (Integration, Legacy, MFTF) for releases or develop branches – Maybe a briefly look into how we built our Magento within docker – Introduction of AutoDevOps and how you could use it to show intermediate stores per merge request (also within Gitlab)