Meet Magento Hashtag Interview: Speaker Stefan Hoffmeister

On our second conference day we have a new focus. In seven presentations and four workshops our experts will show you current Marketing trends in eCommerce. In his session Stefan Hoffmeister will discuss different use cases and will argue how shop owners can derive maximum benefit with using new Marketing channels.

Why did you apply as a speaker?
In our network we observe not only the use of new social media channels such as Periscope and Snapchat, but also the use of Facebook Live videos and Twitter for Marketing and we see a strong increasing trend here. In the past two years videos were called megatrend by various experts. My presentation aims to build a bridge between these two issues and to show some case studies to shop owners.

What do you associate with Meet Magento DE?
For me Meet Magento was and still is one of the best e-commerce community events in Germany. Magento Community is also a kind of family in some way, I have already participated in 2014 and in 2015 as a local Media Partner and it always brought me a lot of fun, interesting conversations and contacts.

Is it your first time as a speaker at the event?

Yes, I am the first time as a speaker at Meet Magento. I have acquired considerable experience in giving lectures due to my professional and volunteer activities. The chosen theme also been already processed in numerous videos on Youtube and Periscope.

Why the attendees shouldn´t miss your lecture?

The aim of my presentation is to convert shop owners about the topics Real Time Marketing and Video Marketing. The questions to be answered are: Where shop owners can chime in current topics and discussions – without the need of a major infrastructure? And how can they derive maximum benefit out of it? There is no need to be frightened of using new marketing channels.

Since when do you work with Magento?
I don´t run a shop myself. Instead I´m a blogger who observes and comments the development in eCommerce. So, I don´t work with the Magento software.

What is so special for you about the software?
After the spin-off from eBay it´s exciting to see how Magento will develop.

How do you see the future of Magento?
The feedback that the eagerly awaited Magento 2 received was mixed.

Visit Stefan´s session “Real Time Marketing and Video Marketing – Use Cases for E-Commerce companies” on the second conference day, July 05 2016, at 12:30 p.m.