Meet Magento Hashtag Interview: Speaker Rolf Albrecht

The Meet Magento speaker Rolf Albrecht is a partner of Volke Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbB. He is a professional lawyer for information technology law and for intellectual property law. Furthermore, he supervises national and international eCommerce companies and agencies on issues of eCommerce law, competition law and trademark. In the following Hashtag Interview he explains the connection between his daily professional life and the topics eCommerce and Magento and show us the reasons you shouldn´t miss his speech.


First of all, I´m very proud and pleased to be a speaker of this year´s Meet Magento DE. The target group of my speach includes online merchants and agencies who focuses the topic “conversion”. Because of my professional background it´s my concern to give valuable tips and to spark a thought process. The Meet Magento DE, where people of different fields of activity come together, is the perfect place for that.


One of my areas of activity in my daily professional life is software law and so I permanently come in contact with Magento. As shopsystem which combines all neccessary functionalities I think Magento has a great future.

The economic life is closely connected with legal questions – of course, this also applies for eCommerce. A lot of legal problems should be solved immediately if they appear. If conflicts are escalated and legal frameworks are unappreciated, the economic loss will exceed the real benefit.

Successful business in eCommerce surely will create consolidation effects. In many sectors the market is basically saturated. So, only relaying on the own online shop isn´t the right strategy.

What nonsense! Warnings only are a way to avoid going to the court. Without warnings online merchants would be immediately a party to legal proceedings. That would mean that they bear more costs. So: not every warning is a rip-off.

Don´t miss Rolf Albrecht´s speech “Conversion vs. Right” on 05 July at 10:30 in the Conference Room. Here you can buy your ticket.