Fabrizio Branca

Lead System Developer AOE

Fabrizio Branca is the Lead System Developer at AOE. He, his wife Janine and their two children just returned back to Germany after living in San Francisco, California for four years. On his website http://fbrnc.net he’s blogging about Open Source, Magento, Varnish, Selenium and AWS. He focuses on architecture and infrastructure, innovative technologies, high performance applications and solid development, testing and deployment processes.


  • Meet Magento 2015
  • 15:00 — 11.05.2015

    Room A

    In this presentation I'll show some pure evil bad practices that somehow made it into way too many Magento modules out there making it hard to integrate, adapt, scale, debug, secure or extend your project. Join this presentation and help making the Magento module ecosystem be a better place instead by spotting these "code smells" in your modules or the modules your using.

  • Meet Magento 2017