Magento – Half a Rush-Hour for Developer

Rico Neitzel | Magento Trainer & Community Manager Büro 71a

de 12.05.2014 | 11:00 - 11:30 o' clock | Meet Magento 2014 » Room A
Fabian Blechschmidt | Freier Entwickler Lizards & Pumpkins

de 12.05.2014 | 11:00 - 11:30 o' clock | Meet Magento 2014 » Room A

“Let him who knows hole Magento cast the first stone” – this or something similar was probably printed in the bible. There often fly stones then, but if we look more closely we experience: You don’t know everything about Magento. A lot of corners and shoals are playing tricks on us without that we have the chance to notice that. In our bold and really racy presentation we are going to fire on all cylinders our Magento knowledge. Ancient spaghetticode-developer will have headaches and old Magento hands will feel uneasy in their holes knowing that there are a lot more of holes that the debugger have never seen before. But the target of our presentation is not to frighten or to tread on somebody’s toes. We want to deliver a tangible codes, light up the dark and at the end we would like to show where we just can shake of our heads or cry in front of our displays because of Magento. Faithful to the motto “Destroy all software – WAT?!” All code examples of the presentation are provided as free download and can perfectly be used as cheat-sheet for on and off going Magento developers. In cooperation with the video record it should be easier for developers to worm the wanted data out of the octopuses. The rub? We imploringly hope that we can speak that fast that we will arrive the last page of our presentation at the end of the 30 minutes.

The complete presentation as video

Part 1

Part 2

Presentation review

All 275 Slides of “Half a Rush-Hour for Developer” you will find here. Take a deep breath, you’ve got 30 minutes!