Frontend Development in Magento: LESS/SASS

Maria Kern | Senior Frontend Architect netz98 new media GmbH

de 12.05.2015 | 11:00 - 11:30 o' clock | Meet Magento 2015 » Room A

Business as usual? The frontend development is to 95% done, but you still find flaws in your testing phase. You start to fix one flaw, but another one pops up. This is often caused by a lack of structure and organization! And if you can provide structure and organization, in best case over all of your projects, you will see: Frontend development is easy, perfectly handled in teamwork, it is fun and because of a drastically reduced error quote, you will save time and money.

This lecture about frontend development in Magento is about the usual and the more challenging issues. We will handle aspects in development and teamwork, but also aspects risks regarding, for example, to performance issues. We will show some cases of our recent projects and examples directly from Magento 2. The reusability of individual parts and the maintainability of the code for future phases of the project are our ambitious goal. The success of the modular structure plays an important role and pre-processors like Less / Sass are the most important tools to provide structure and organization.