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Silke Berz | Creative Director ux Triplesense Reply GmbH

de 12.05.2014 | 16:00 - 16:30 o' clock | Meet Magento 2014 » Room B
Astrid Wunsch | Head of Design Triplesense Reply GmbH

de 12.05.2014 | 16:00 - 16:30 o' clock | Meet Magento 2014 » Room B

If a shop responds preponderantly to women, it will be useful to concentrate on this simplest of all target group decisions because women have other digital using and buying habits than men. Until today decision processes are influenced by specific sense and behavior patterns that have evolved during the evolution. For a woman a shopping tour is a success when she finds something unexpected special. Her purchase process is like a spiral: If she looked after special selection criteria at the beginning, these could have been changed and supplemented during the process. She searches for the perfect solution and passes several times through the stages of the buying decision process.

Men on the other side buy when there is need. Their process is linear: one step after the other. They use product categories, search functions and filter: the purchase is successful if he fast and simply finds the searched thing. Men are interested in facts: data, numbers, facts. The address should be specific. Graphics and product pictures on the other hand can be more complex like animations and 3D graphics.

Women on the other hand are more interested in the usage. This means it is useful to integrate pictures that show the products being used, practical examples and user comments. Important is a personal, wordy and spontaneous address. Women like lifely colors, special typefaces, soft forms and structured surfaces as well as schematic presentations with little details. For men little dark colors as well as sharp forms, simple typefaces, capital letters and straight and shiny surfaces are favorable.

Shops that concentrate on only one of this target groups should use gender commerce as strategy right from the start. And also shops that are for both genders benefit from a lightly optimizing the content for women.

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