Window of Europe – The Way to China: Markets? Challenges? Investments?

10 years ago all of us knew China as the factory of the world. Many companies from Europe and US saw in China a huge market and endless opportunities. Then after some crisis and many so-called disruptions China became in our minds what it always was: big dispersed market with a many players inside regardless of industries and business.
Online is – as in all countries worldwide – an essential part of trade and business. From the outside it isn’t so easy to understand how eCommerce in China really works. Meet Magento had during the last 3 years always content about eCommerce with and in China. Meet Magento even went to the desert Gobi for a special networking event.
Window of Europe is a new approach enabling European online companies to cooperate with Chinese partners and vice versa. While some of the European companies try to access China by their own, THTF follows a more general approach by introducing a coopetition model in more than 10 so-called eCommerce parks. The basic idea is to bring European and Chinese companies together, using eCommerce as main sales channel and providing all needed resources to them including access to equity. A ecommerce park is something like a 3rd generation incubator. The right cooperation is a very fast and risk optimized way from China to Europe or Europe to China.

Dennis Chen is already a veteran in cross border business between Asia, US, Europe and Australia. In the 90’s he was the market maker for MP3 players worldwide and established the first international supply chain networks for LCD TV, being the main supplier for Dixons, Media Markt or Best Buy. Today Dennis looks after the first ecommerce business incubator in China, operating 10 ecommerce parks, and is the ambassador for the “after Alibaba” decade.


Why did you apply as Speaker?
THTF is about e-commerce. We strongly believe that buying and selling globally is the future. Those both terms “eCommerce“ and “acting globally” brings us to Meet Magento. We were looking for a stage where we can discuss about our incubators and why we believe into online business model between China and other countries.

What do you associate with the Meet Magento Germany?
Oh, that’s not so easy. We follow the success of Magento and the underlying community model since 2009. There is of course the ebay history and now the Permira take over. But this is more or less usual business. The interesting part for us is the community model. Meet Magento is the place to get involved. And then it’s in Germany. From our Chinese perspective one of the most powerful market in the world, embedded in the European Union.

Is it your first time as a speaker at the event?
It’s my first time, yes.

Why the attendees shouldn’t miss your lecture?
We won’t talk about “do’s and don’ts in China”. There are enough people outside for that.
But for all attendees who are really interested into global business and finding the right fit into China, we have a bunch of valuable information and ideas. If you want to develop your business and stay ahead of any upcoming global competition, you should join.

Since when do you work with Magento?
As said we don’t work with Magento. We followed Magento’s story with huge interest and respect.

What is so special for you about the software?
We don’t care about the software. From a Chinese incubator perspective the community is the most special. That’s something everyone wants to have, but only a very few can work it out.

Don’t miss Dennis Chen’s session at #mm16de 11 o’clock in Conference Room!