OmniChannel: Convincing on all channels

Everybody knows that Digitalization generally means a lot of challenges for merchants. But we often don’t know what that means in particular: What are the requirements of my customers? How can I guarantee a gapless OmniChannel shopping experience? Which costs are incurred? In the panel “OmniChannel” at Meet Magento Germany three experts and moderator Henryk Fiedler from Magento reflect on this topic.

Modified customer behaviour as well as the expectations to get the best care on all channels in a similar way present big challenges for many merchants and producer. The anchorage in companies and understandig of necessary changes are the key for integrated OmniChannel.

Stefanie Rößler, Partner Management eFulFilment Transaction Services GmbH, about Panel “OmniChannel” at Meet Magento:

The panel focuses all relevant topics around OmniChannel Fulfillment. Experts from eFulfilment, Flagbit and eCentral present their different views.
We begin with a general introduction about problems and possible responses. In the following we show specific use cases about merchants that realize OmniChannel in their business. “Drogerie Müller” for instance, integrate their assets to supply their customers the entire product range with more than 180’000 items by Click&Collect. Müller has established a smooth functioning construct of IT, processes, logistics and employees. We are really looking forward to discuss this topic together with you.

The “OmniChannel” panel is scheduled for first conference day (July 04) at 2 o’clock in conference room.

Hashtag interview with Stefanie Rößler:


Why did you apply as Speaker?
We realized great projects based on Magento and eF|CommerceEngine and we want to share it with the community.

What do you associate with Meet Magento DE?
A very dynamic atmosphere, many good discussions around Magento. And of course, a legendary evening event. 🙂

Are you the first time as a speaker at the event?
No, I had a speech a few years ago about the importance of search and navigation in the context of FACT-Finder and Magento.

Why participants in any case should not miss your lecture?
Because they can get an insight into a very exciting project, where a large-scale subsidiary runs a very special approach in e-commerce.

An open, enthusiastic and eager to learn community is essential for making good projects. I experience it particularly strong in our industry and I am pleased to be part of it.

Our environment is changing rapidly and the changing conditions put us in front of great challenges. You need to keep a cool head, to focus on what is essential and thereby implement quickly, it is a great art. Not only for our customers, also for us internally.

I’m very excited about the new format Fuckup Nights@MM16DE. Failures are not welcome in Germany, but you still learn the most out of mistakes. Just look what Jeff Bezos said about Amazon: it’s “the best place in the world to fail at. I hope that part of our culture will change through such formats.