Meet Magento Hashtag Interview: Speaker Jaromir Fojcik

Jaromir Fojcik is a board member of the + Pluswerk AG, CEO of Web agency creativestyle and Inventor of Responsive Checkout principle.
In his presentation he will talk about this central theme and also will identify ways to optimize the ordering process and to minimize the drop-out rate.


Why did you apply as Speaker?
E-commerce is a main focus of our services as we mainly use Magento regarding ready-made solutions. Thus, for many years we follow the Meet Magento in different cities – both in Leipzig as well as in Warsaw and Poznan, where mainly go employees of our Polish branch. We already were as a Speaker for Pluswerk and also for creativestyle and we want to use this opportunity once again this year.

What do you associate with the Meet Magento Germany?
Mainly the exchange with peers, observing the development of the Magento as well as for other agencies and their services. But I’m also interested in the development of needs and claims of merchants, who are also represented on the Meet Magento. Moreover, my second agency, creative style is a Gold Partner of the Meet Magento Association, which is why I feel more connected with the conference, of course.

Is it your first time as a speaker at the event?
No, I already was at the Meet Magento in Leipzig last year. I had a lecture together with Amazon Payments about their extension, which we have developed and published at that time.

Why the attendees shouldn’t miss your lecture?
The topic responsive design is in a focus of today’s e-commerce time – and especially the checkout, where still the major challenges are. Currently, 67% of customers terminate the ordering process, the mobile process is as high as 95 percent. In my presentation I would like to highlight certain methods which using can optimize the ordering process and substantially reduce the drop-out rate or increase the conversion rate. In addition, one of our employees was at Meet Magento Warsaw with the topic Responsive Checkout. Her presentation has been awarded as the Best Presentation at Magento 2014 by visitors choice. I see here an incentive.

Since when do you work with Magento?
We have realized the first projects with Magento in 2009 and started directly with two large shops. Among our clients were Discounter Netto and then the RTL-Shop Channel 21.

What is so special for you about the software?
On the one hand, and for us the most important thing, the clean architecture of the software that we haven`t found in other systems like this. Secondly, there is a very big international community with a very good and extensive community support. But the biggest advantage of Magento are a huge number of extensions and plug-ins that are developed by other companies. For almost any problem you can find a plugin, that you can install and modify for your own purposes.

Jaromir’s session “Responsive Checkout” is scheduled for first conference day, 04 July, at 4:30 pm in Developer’s Room.