Disruptive Innovation in e-commerce

Since 2016, Sofoklis Kyriazakos is the Innovation Officer of the Meet Magento Association. As he said himself this is a big honor and challenge for him. From this position, he aims to identify innovation opportunities that derive from the MMA processes and facilitate the development of successful initiatives for the organizations and individuals of the MMA.

The new digital era of Information and Communication Technologies provides an ecosystem for people to create value and prosper. In this context eCommerce ecosystem is exploring daily new disruptive user-centric and conversion-oriented approaches. Entrepreneurial activities in eCommerce, require continuous innovation management and pivoting based on actionable metrics.
Disruptive innovation does not necessarily require knowledge of the ICT infrastructures and software platforms; it requires open-minded approach in identifying or even creating market needs. This can be easily achieved by exploiting the power of the crowd.

In his session Sofoklis will present key innovation aspects for the eCommerce sector and will provide the framework for MM Association to facilitate the idea creation that can lead into solid startups.

Are you an agency developing software for Magento?
Are you a Magento developer?
Are you a Magento merchant with specific needs?

In any of these cases you can benefit by participating in an open innovation and ideation process of MM Association and materialize your vision as individual, merchant or agency.

Sofoklis’ session “Disruptive Innovation in eCommerce – Facilitating Startup and Growth in MM Association” is scheduled for the first conference day at 5:30 pm in Conference Room. To get to know Sofoklis better, read his Hashtag interview below.


I am a MM organizer myself (MM16GR) and I am very excited to participate for the first time in #mm16de. I have lived in Germany for around 5 years and I see the influence of this period in any challenge I am dealing with and any problem I am solving. I will be most happy to meet colleagues, hear their stories and discuss about future challenges. I am of course happy to join the promising social events too!

Magento is a success story and the best ‘ambassador’ of how openness can be a win-win approach for community and business. As CEO of a software agency I failed to understand this 10 years ago, but I am happy that I managed to pivot at the right moment.

People think that innovation exists only in technology. Being an athlete myself, I will remind you the history of high-jump. Athletes have reached a ceiling, jumping with the standard style, until Fosbury introduced a new style in the Mexico Olympics of ’68 that changed the sport forever and allowed athletes to go as high as 2.45m. Isn’t this innovation? Innovation can be generated in any sector and any science and often it is much simpler than we think. eCommerce is a sector that is grown through innovation and MM Association can do a lot in this direction.

I like sprinting; it is exciting and competitive. When it comes to technology, sprinting is major process of agile development. Particularly in the eCommerce sector, where the dynamics are changing daily, addressing challenges in sprints is essential and this can be part of a lean startup process.

For many people startup is a hype, for others is a way of living and thinking. Eric Ries describes startup as “delivery of a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty”. I would add that a startup is also linked with many challenges, emotions, headaches but also happiness. In any case in order to be a startupper you should not only have a vision, but you should mainly DO.