The Harsh Truth of Magento Enterprise

There was one presentation that attracted more audience than all the other in the Conference Hall of the Meet Magento on 12 May 2014. Merchants, service providers, agencies and developers were excited to hear more about the harsh truth about Magento EE. Everybody who could not joint the presentation can now watch the video of this compelling session!

We know, the Community had to wait for a long time, but now the time has come. The video of the most discussed Meet Magento presentation“The Harsh Truth of Magento Enterprise” is online. But what was the matter of this session?

Magento CE (Community Edition) is a free open source shopsystem. Since 2009 it can also be bought as Enterprise Edition (EE) – including additional functions and a hotline service. On the Meet Magento in Leipzig Tim Bezhashvyly of 21sportsgoup presented his point of view on the existence of these two versions. Tim wasn’t parsimonious with his critics about Magento EE and causes feelings of the audience to run high for a long time. There were a lot of agreement, a lot of defeat and over all a lot of blog posts about it.

Have a look and form your own opinion:

You can find an excerpt of the Twitter posts about the presentation in our Meet -Magento agenda.

We have come to the conclusion that we are thankful and glad about the support of the Community. There are subjects that are hardly discussed in the Magento ecosystem and that are seen as “not appropriate”:

“The Meet Magento as a conference offers the possibility to discuss such questions and to carry on controversies. This is an important task of a conference. To talk about problems, supposed problems and challenges, to offer a place for discussions as well as support understanding and clarification. That’s what we are standing for as organizers.” – Thomas Goletz, CEO Netresearch App Factory.

Now we are excited about the subjects for 2015 – maybe the proposal of Tobias Zander becomes true and somebody will talk about “The harsh truth of Magento Community”!